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Welcome to the Adventure

Welcome to the cooking adventure. This all started in Fall of 2018 as a way to learn and improve on essential culinary skills, change my diet by eating healthier, and share the knowledge being gained with the world.

Along the way there will be posts on Instapots, Air Fryers and all the associated recipes. There will also be a wide variety of other recipes and techniques that will hopefully offer something for everyone.

This site aims to not only serve as a resource for food, but also for blogging, and photography in general. Lots of people have asked about the details of starting a blogging journey such as this so hopefully I can share that knowledge as well.

You will witness all of the hilarious fails and the satisfying successes. If you have questions, comments or suggestion please reach out and you will assisted as best as we can.

We can be reached through this blog, through instagram, facebook and twitter under the @philcancookyo name.

Thanks for following the journey and tell your friends!

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